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1. Problems of sanitation.
_________reported that most toilets were dirty and stinky. Also, the facilities in the toilets were in a bad condition, such as broken water taps, overloading trash cans, and dilapidated rinsing sprays.

2. Problems of classroom and instructional equipments.
_________reported that some instructional equipment such as projectors, microphones, and computers did not work appropriately because of some technical problems.

3. Problems of cafeteria.
_________reported that the facilities in the canteen were provided inappropriately. For examples tables were not enough, and some tables were damaged. Moreover, the quality of was low and dirty in some food stalls.

4. Problems of other facilities in the campus.
_________reported that many facilities in the university were needed to be concerned. For example, the elevators lack of proper maintenance. In addition, the internet system should be improved. Importantly, the parking areas were insufficient for students and personels.

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Hello, my name is Sornpabhop Srisanong. I am seeking for a position as a columnist. Currently, I’m completing my senior year at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) where I’ve studied for my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English and minor in Japanese.

            Recently, I attended in the internship as a concierge at the front desk of Swissotel Le Concorde. According to the position, I had used my communication skill to communicate with a guest of the hotel who always came asking me for the information. My communication and language skill were improved, I also gained an experience to solve a problem.

            In addition, I teach English to a primary and high school student on the weekend. Therefore, my English skill is always revived and improved. Moreover, I work as a freelance photographer. My photography skill is great and reliable.

            You may call me at 084-693-9319, or email me at, I would love the opportunity to learn more about your specific needs, and discuss my qualifications in greater detail. Thank you for taking the time to view my resume.